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Click below to kick off your project!

1. Briefing >

Clicking the link at the bottom of this page will take you to fill out a form.

Once completed, you’ll get an access link to our calendar.
Here you’ll be able to schedule our initial briefing via Google Meets.

In this meeting we’ll lay out our plan and objectives for the project.

We’ll also run through the guidelines for this collaboration, as well as the requirements for the material/information we need from you along the process.

Attempt to schedule your briefing within the week of receiving your initial Onboarding email.

2. Content Collation >

Following our briefing call, a 15 business day period begins in which you should compile and hand over the entirety of the content for the website. We won’t be able to start building until we have all of it.

What information should I turn in?

Every paragraph, image, logo, brand colours, videos, etc, that you’d like to see on your website. Check out our File Format Guide for reference.

We’ll help you list it out, and give you our format requirements in the briefing session.


Let us know in advance if you won’t be able to meet these deadlines so we can reschedule your submission term.

3. Development >

Only when we’ve received all of the content we’ll move onto actually designing and developing your website!

You’ll receive a link to a demo version of your website via email, so you can see your initial ideas tangibly, before launching them live on your actual domain.

4. Website Demo + Testing >

You’ve received an email from us with the link to your demo. Now you’ll learn how to edit your website.

Our next task will be to set up a meeting for the training, in which we’ll also review and discuss your demo.

Examine your demo in great detail.

This way, if you want to edit it in any way, you can gather all your thoughts together in a list and present it to us in the meeting.

All the information related to the configuration of the website is available on our Help panel

5. Final Tweaks >

Having discussed your list of modifications one by one, you will receive the final version of your demo shortly after.

You shall review it once again, this time, to approve it for launch.

If you come up with additional changes later on, we can take care of those immediately after the upload.


6. Launch >

Your website is finally online on your domain!

It will now enter a 5 business-day long testing phase.

During this period, you can come back to us directly with any questions or concerns.

Once this period has elapsed, any future enquiries will be managed by our ticketing system.

All the information related to the configuration of the website is available on our Help panel.