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Do you wish that building a website was simple?

sometimes wishes really do come true...

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Let's start with A, B, C:

A. Purchase your domain

Certain aspects of a website have recurring fees such as the domain name and hosting, so we recommend this to be set up using your own payment methods. Download my instruction sheet here detailing where best to purchase your domain. The instruction sheet also includes my 'top tool tip' to check name availability across all platforms.

B. Pay for hosting

Once you have your domain name you can then organise where your site will be hosted. In basic terms this is renting space on a server for storing your website and the domain is the address where the files can be found. In the instructions are my top recommendations for hosting companies, or for super fast hosting you can choose to host on my private server.

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C. Get an SSL

An SSL certificate provides a secure link between the server where your site is hosted and the visitor's browser. This ensures any data passing between the two remains private and encrypted. If you sell products online an SSL is essential, if you don't sell products it gives your site credibility. Once the hosting and domain have been obtained I can help with the SSL.


Sign up for my website management package and I take care of all the details.

  • Super fast hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Plugin updates
  • Security
  • Paid plugin licences
  • Google Analytics

Contact me for more info.


download your instruction sheet here!


it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

The on-boarding process involves completing a questionnaire about your business so I can identify the goals for the site and establish what functionality needs to be included. I will ask about sites you love, to get a feel for the overall look you’re aiming for, and then we’ll schedule a discovery call so we can discuss everything in more depth and give a timeline for completion.
Next I’ll do some research into your industry, competitors and ideal clients. You’ll get a style guide of your chosen colour and typography for the site along with an initial concept of the home page. You will be asked to critique and request changes before we move to development. Your homework is to start writing content for the sections we are including, ready for stage 3.
Once you’ve signed off on your design, it’s time to build! Now is the time to fill your site with valuable content which will include keywords and answer any questions or objections your clients may have. Once the site is completed, you will get to test out the site in a staging area before we go live.
It’s time for launch! Everything has been tested, approved, and is ready to go live! The test site will now be moved to your host and domain and everything will be prepared for handover.
I will show you how to use the backend of WordPress to make updates to your site such as changing or adding photographs, adding new posts, altering text etc. Should you require more in depth regular alterations I recommend opting for an ongoing maintenance plan so all updates, backups and security checks are taken care of for you.

fill in my questionnaire!


check out the faq's

The cost of a website varies greatly depending on what is required in the build and can extend into thousands. However, if you need to get online ASAP and do not have a huge budget I do offer a basic one-page scrolling site with up to 5 sections starting from £497.  I will also soon be launching my shop where you can purchase other off the shelf packages. Keep your eyes peeled!

An average site takes between 6 – 8 weeks but this does require you to be ready with the content and images on time. I will advise on the type of keywords you should include and give general outlines for the content but the voice should be yours! In addition no one knows your business like you do. If you really struggle with copywriting I do work with an amazing copywriter if you need extra help.

If you don’t have images I can source some for you at extra cost or alternatively why not book in a photography branding shoot to build your own business portfolio that can be used on all your marketing material? If you are local (Algarve, Portugal) I work with an amazing make up artist and photographer. Message me for pricing!

When I deliver your site I will include a video giving you an overview of the WordPress Admin Panel and showing you how to make basic changes. If you are proficient in WordPress then there is no reason you cannot add plugins, sections & pages yourself. If you are not used to WordPress I highly recommend taking out one of my maintenance packages; the silver package includes general updates to the site – but not additional functionality or pages, these can be added at an additional charge.

Yes, I only build with WordPress to allow my sites to be fully customisable. WordPress powers 33.36% of all the live websites in the world. To put this in context its next closest competitor is Joomla with 2.6% of the market share and Wix has only 1.1%.

Most site builders use a similar format for building sites. If you have a Wix, Squarespace or Weebly site and need help with adding or updating content do get in touch.


Websites are classed as being responsive when they respond positively to the platform upon which they are being viewed. I.e., if viewing on a mobile, tablet or computer they will remain legible, well laid out and function properly. Often you may come across a site than when viewing on a mobile is illegible, this site therefore would not be classed as responsive.

My different website plans have different payment plans. The basic one page scrolling site needs full payment up front. Sites built inclusive of an ongoing maintenance plan pay monthly and if you do not want maintenance then I require 50% to start and the final 50% once you have signed off the site and before it goes live.

Web domains and hosting incur a monthly or yearly ongoing fee.

I do provide hosting for sites built on my inclusive monthly maintenance plan. If you want complete control and don’t want any maintenance then hosting is down to you. I can make recommendations as to who provides great service (from experience).

Likewise, domains are also not included in the website price unless on a fully inclusive monthly maintenance package.

As a guide, hosting for a standard site is around £10 per month and a domain should cost no more than £15 per year.

Additional costs depend on the functionalities of your specific website and the tools needed to build it, which will be discussed in the first stage of planning. 

If you need a specific plugin it may be that there is an additional license fee that is payable and renews yearly, or you could buy a lifetime deal on the license if available. In general, most of the sites I build do not need extra paid plugins.

No! Whist website building is my main service, I offer a variety of virtual solutions for businesses.

If you need a cloud-based Central Storage System, Email set up, CRM set up, Automation, Digital Signing, Social Media Strategy & Management, Facebook Ads, Graphics Creation, Logo Creation, Photo Editing, Branding, Presentation formatting, Spreadsheet set up & management, plus a whole host of other things not on this list, then get in touch!

If I can’t provide the service myself I have a team of trusted Online Business Managers, Graphic Designers & SMMs that I work with and one of us will be able to help.

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There are many facets to setting up a successful business. Once you are up and running, time becomes a valuable commodity and when juggling emails, leads, marketing and sales it often feels like you are spending all your time ‘doing’ yet not getting anywhere. Using the right tools for the job is essential and I can help guide you to the solutions that fit best with your business. By implementing and integrating systems and automation I can free up your time to focus on what is important.


In today’s world 3.48 billion people use social media with the average person spending at least two hours a day socialising online. To increase brand awareness, reach your target audience and compete with the rest of the market it is imperative to have a social presence with a clear marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. Social advertising is the cheapest way to reach target consumers with the most comprehensive analytics to help hone your campaigns and bring in results.

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by working with some of the best tools in the marketplace


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1. Briefing >

Clicking the link at the bottom of this page will take you to fill out a form.

Once completed, you’ll get an access link to our calendar.
Here you’ll be able to schedule our initial briefing via Google Meets.

In this meeting we’ll lay out our plan and objectives for the project.

We’ll also run through the guidelines for this collaboration, as well as the requirements for the material/information we need from you along the process.

Attempt to schedule your briefing within the week of receiving your initial Onboarding email.